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Working as a hostess at Huber’s has been a fantastic experience. I was able to work for renowned luxury brands while studying, I learned a lot, developed myself and made valuable contacts for my future career.

Event staffing

Event assignments

Work in a flexible job that suits your lifestyle and be an important part of unforgettable events as a professional host or hostess. We value not only professional but also personal compatibility. Take the Huber’s Check to see if we have matching vibes.  ;-)

Long-term staffing

Long-term assignments

If you have hospitality experience, a passion for premium brands, flexibility and mobility, we are always looking for ambassadors to represent our exclusive clients in the long-term. It is important to us that both sides match on all levels. Find out if we share similar values before you apply by taking the Huber’s Check.

« Working as a hostess at Huber’s has been a fantastic experience. I was able to work for renowned luxury brands while studying, learned a lot, developed myself and made valuable contacts for my future career.

Laurianne Pache

Event Coordinator and Team Lead

Frequently asked questions

Will I be exclusively bound to the agency if I become part of Huber’s People?

As part of Huber’s People, you are not bound to us and you are welcome to work for other agencies as well. We appreciate it when our talents continue to develop, gain experience and deepen their skills.

What can I expect as part of Huber’s People?

We are a young agency team and we are always ready to listen to you and your concerns. Exciting assignments accross Switzerland for interesting brands in the high-end and premium segment await you. You will get direct customer contact experience and will be properly paid. Depending on your qualifications, we offer career progression opportunities from junior to team lead – all in a great team where many friendships have already been formed. Product training and further education are also part of your job for long-term assignments.

What qualifications do I need to work at Huber’s People?

We are looking for extremely service-oriented and flexible people who have an understanding of the high demands of customers in the premium segment. You should have excellent communication skills, be discreet and be able to stay calm, even in stressful situations. You should also be reliable, independent and motivated to learn new things.

What kind of events can I expect?

Exciting assignments await you across Switzerland: boutique openings, VIP customer events, political events and much more. Our clients include various brands and international companies in the premium segment. They range from watch and jewellery manufacturers to large software companies and even governments.

I want to become part of Huber’s People. Where can I apply?

The best way to apply is to take the Huber’s Check on our website to see if we are a match. If all goes well, you will be directed to the application form.

What is the application process like?

1. Huber’s Check: see if we are a good fit with the Huber’s Check .

2. Personal information and sedcard: fill out the form, upload your documents and create your sedcard.

3. Review of your documents: our HR team will review your sedcard – please allow one week for this process.

4. Invitation to interview: if everything is a good fit from both sides, you will be invited to an online interview by our HR team.

5. Decision: after the interview, you will receive feedback from us regarding whether you have been accepted or not.

6. Match? Become part of Huber’s People: if the vibe is right for everyone, your sedcard will remain online and you will be included in the pool of Huber's People and receive suitable job offers via e-mail.

7. No match? Your information will be deleted: if we’re not a good fit, we will delete your personal information and sedcard from our system.

What should be included in the sedcard?

The sedcard is the first thing potential clients see of you, so an appealing sedcard is therefore crucial. A sedcard should include various high-quality or professional full-body and portrait photos, as well as pictures of you in an elegant outfit or business suit. Make sure that your personal measurements (such as body size or clothing size) are accurate. This is important because uniforms will be provided for some events. A clean, correctly formulated text about yourself and a brief description of your relevant experience should also be included in the sedcard.

What should not be included in the sedcard?

We prefer natural and discreet: images with obvious filters or photos of you wearing swimwear, underwear or sunglasses are best kept in your private camera roll. It is also important to us that your photos are up-to-date and reflect your appearance. Your text about yourself should also look professional. If you lack experience in particular areas, phrase it positively. Instead of putting no experience, write, for example, I look forward to gaining experience in this area, I am a fast learner and am very motivated.

If I see a job that interests me, how do I apply?

You will receive the most important information about the job, such as location, working hours, tasks, payment and expenses, by e-mail. If you are interested in the assignment, you can sign up via the link in the e-mail. We ask you to keep the corresponding date free for about a week. We will then send the sedcards of all interested parties to the client, who will select the team. Afterwards, we will send you a confirmation if you have been selected or a cancellation if it did not work out this time.

How and when will I be paid?

We will transfer payments to your account no later than the fifth day of the following month.

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