We are Huber’s People

In-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry and more than a decade of experience with events and projects in the premium segment: we find the right team for every brand and personally ensure a professional, successful process.

Facts & Figures

12+ years

experience in service excellence.

250+ customers

trust us.

600+ hosts & hostesses

on-call and ready.

720+ matcha oat lattes

to-go for energy, 365 days of the year.

16+ hours

online per day, for our team and customers.

20,000+ jackets

are hung up by us every year.

Smooth operators

We have been accompanying exclusive events and long-term assignments for many years and with a variety of approaches. This experience has made us a dependable staffing partner. Our careful planning and outstanding coaching ensure that deployment goes smoothly, even when the conditions are demanding.

Good vibes

Our pool of hand-picked personnel allows us to put together the team that best matches the brands image. This is the result of both our recruiting expertise and the positive working environment that we actively cultivate and value.

Service excellence

Every event has its own dynamics, depending on many, sometimes unpredictable factors. That is why we personally commit ourselves to a successful event. By being accessible, flexible and dedicated, we fulfil our promise of service excellence.

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